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Deka Pt# Volt Amp CCA Length Width Height Term Lbs
   9A31  12  100   925     13"   6 3/4"   9 1/2"   stud   63 
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       AGM Batteries are preferred by many for use in marine and ups applications. In comparison with the flooded  battery, AGM is constructed so the sulfuric acid is absorbed between the plates in the fiber of the glass mat separator.
        Note some of the advantages that an AGM Battery has in comparison with flooded batteries. They cannot spill! Since the electrolyte is stored up in the glass mat there is nothing to leak out, even if the case is broken.
        There is almost no heating of the battery even under heavy charge currents. This is what insures you safe power whether you are using batteries for your boat or perhaps in your home or office for computer back up. There is no worry about fumes or leakage as there is with a flooded battery.

        AGM Batteries do not have a limit on charge or discharge current. They can be charged the same as a standard flooded battery where there is no special adjustments necessary as compared to the Gel battery. Many may buy Gel batteries but do not realize they require a lower charging rate than a flooded or AGM battery.
       Some may use the common battery charger that is used for automobiles or heavy equipment  to charge their Gel batteries unaware that they are contributing to premature battery failure. In many cases Gel batteries may be destroyed with in a matter of an hour or two when not using the appropriate charger.
        When replacing your typical flooded or AGM battery, it is recommended to use AGM over Gel. AGM Batteries can take much more abuse and you won’t have any extra worries as you would with a Gel. recommends that you use AGM or flooded batteries if your are replacing AGM batteries. You may have to make adjustments or even replace the battery charger to accommodate gel batteries.
        AGM Batteries are recommended for uses in: Marine - alarms -wheel chairs and scooters  - (un-interrupted power supply) - emergency lighting
        Please contact for advise on AGM Batteries.