Information to help you choose the correct type of marine battery for your boat.

Some may think that just because they have a boat they must use deep cycle batteries only! Please note the different options that you should familiarize yourself with before choosing your marine battery.



    Starting Batteries are used solely for starting engines. You can liken your boat engine to a car engine. In your car you have a battery that is used for starting the engine. Once your engine is started, the battery has done its job. From that point on, the alternator will take over to carry the extra load such as radio, air conditioning lights etc.
    If you have a boat and all you need to do is to start the engine and be on your way, a starting battery is superb for the job. We recommend using a Deka 24M5 for cranking out boards and V8 engines. For maximum cranking you can use a Deka 24M7 that has 800 CCA or a Deka group 27M6 that has 840 CCA with a high reserve capacity.
These are some samples of batteries to be used just to crank your engine. A deep cycle battery is NOT required although you may use a dual purpose battery.

    Dual Purpose Batteries can be used for starting your engine and for cycling as well. Perhaps you may have a bait well, or lights and radio that you run right off the battery. A battery such as a Deka DP24, DP27 or a DP31DT will take care of cranking and your accessories. These are built for casual discharging. (Not full cycling)
    When there is a constant drain on the batteries, dual purpose batteries are adequate. They are able to be re-charged because the plates are thicker than the plates in regular starting batteries. The thickness of the plates allows the battery to be charged many times where as a starting battery does not.
    Do NOT use a starting battery in this application because the battery will have a much shorter life than the dual purpose battery.

    Deep Cycle Batteries are used for applications that are constantly draining the batteries more than 75% or more. The plates in deep cycle batteries are even thicker that that of dual purpose batteries. Because of the thickness of the plates it allows the battery to be recharged much more than as a dual purpose battery would.
    Applications such as trolling motors or powering your house bank may normally be on their own power systems separate from cranking your engine. This is when you would want to use a true deep cycle battery such as a Deka DC24, DC27 or DC31DT. Many may use 6 volt batteries hooked up in series for these applications such as a Deka GC15 or Trojan T-105. These can be hooked up in series and then paralleled with other banks to accommodate 12 volt and 24 volt systems.
    No matter which ones you use, the Deka deep cycle batteries are made for continuous deep cycling. We would NOT recommend using a dual purpose battery and especially a starting battery for your deep cycling applications. (Result can be a much shorter life span)

AGM Batteries are preferred by many for use in marine and ups applications. In comparison with the flooded  battery, AGM is constructed so the sulfuric acid is absorbed between the plates in the fiber of the glass mat separator.
    Note some of the advantages that an AGM Battery has in comparison with flooded batteries. They cannot spill! Since the electrolyte is stored up in the glass mat there is nothing to leak out, even if the case is broken. This makes an AGM battery non hazardous.
    There is almost no heating of the battery even under heavy charge currents. This is what insures you safe power whether you are using batteries for your boat or perhaps in your home or office for computer back up. There is no worry about fumes or leakage as there is with a flooded battery.

    AGM Batteries do not have a limit on charge or discharge current. Theycan be charged the same as a standard flooded battery where there is no special adjustments necessary as compared to the Gel battery. Many may buy Gel batteries but do not realize they require a lower charging rate than a flooded or AGM battery.
   Some may use the common battery charger that is used for automobiles or heavy equipment  to charge their Gel batteries unaware that they are contributing to premature battery failure. In many cases Gel batteries may be destroyed with in a matter of an hour or two when not using the appropriate charger.
    When replacing your typical flooded or AGM battery, it is recommended to use AGM over Gel. AGM Batteries can take much more abuse and you won’t have any extra worries as you would with a Gel. recommends that you use AGM or flooded batteries if your are replacing AGM batteries. You may have to make adjustments or even replace the battery charger to accommodate gel batteries.
    AGM Batteries are recommended for uses in: Marine - alarms -wheel chairs and scooters  - (un-interrupted power supply) - emergency lighting
    Please contact for advise on AGM Batteries.


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Toyo USP Batteries are AGM Technology. (Absorbed Glass Mat) That means that the glass mat separators that are between each of the plates are absorbed with sulfuric acid rather that the whole battery  flooded with acid. Toyo batteries are also considered SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) batteries, which indicates that the battery is sealed with lead plates and with sulfuric acid in the composition of the battery.
     Toyo Batteries are re-chargeable, completely sealed, deep cycle, non-spillable and omits no gases. Uses include power for wheelchairs, scooters, UPS, security systems, fire alarm systems and many different applications that require deep cycling.
     A deep cycle battery is used for the purpose of applications where it is necessary to recharge a battery that has been discharged, and to do this on a continuous basis for a numerous amount of times.
    Our stock includes Toyo batteries for these types of applications. For instance, if you are looking for a back up battery for your home alarm systems, you can find it here at We stock the Toyo 1240, the most popular battery for your home security system. Buy it right here. 6FM4.5.  Many websites claim to sell Toyo batteries but rather, they try to supply you with some other product they may have as replacements. That’s why if you are looking for a genuine Toyo battery, is the web site where you will find them. They are in stock ready to ship.
    Now that you have finally found Toyo batteries that you can actually purchase, don’t hesitate placing an order or calling for information that will aid you in purchasing Toyo Batteries. 
      Go to: Toyo Batteries       Phone us at: 305 883-6001